Tantra massage

Tantra massage in Saraca´s Essence Sun comes out from traditional Indian tantra massage and thai massage. It is ritual with pleasurable moments for awakening your senses, made with respect to your body. Combines the skills of classic and thai massage, tantra and meditation. 

Your entire body will be massaged including some of your sensitive areas using bio vegetable oils and essentials oils.  The optimal duration of a session starts on 90 minutes, but you will spent in my saloon at least 120-150 minutes. Please, consider that when you want to book a tantra massage.

Although it’s a very sensual massage, it does not involve sexual interaction between the person involved in the massaging act. Massage is perfomed in the meditative state and with my greatest attention, respect and care to YOUR – but also to MY body. Intimate zones are involved, but not stimulated.

I guarantee 100 % confidentiality related to clients.

Tantric massage will arouse deep sensual feeling within you, and you will enjoy the overall pleasurable experience. Your relation to the body as a divine instrument will be open and you will feel completely relaxed, but you will still be wide awake.

Before and after massage you can use shower cab with bath towels, sarong and hairdryer. Tantric massage in duration 180 minutes and more is for those clients, who wants to have a longer conversation before or after massage.

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"TANTRA is freedom, space for being, rebellion. Internal celebration.
It's a walk along the rope, one of the greatest balances. "


Tantra massage
120 €90-120 min.
Tantra massage
150 €150-180 min.
Tantra massage
200 €180-240 min.