Price list

Classic and relaxing massage30 min.10,- Eur
+YL essence 12,- Eur
60 min.20,- Eur
+YL essence 24,- Eur
Anti-stress massage of head15 min.6,- Eur
30 min.12,- Eur
Reflex massage of foot40 min.
(+ 5-10 min. foot bath)
15,- Eur
60 min.
(+ 5-10 min. foot bath)
24,- Eur
Raindrop massage60 min.40,- Eur
Craniosacral therapy90 min. threatment + consultation30,- Eur
60 min. threatment25,- Eur
Tantric massage90-120 min.120,- Eur
150-180 min.150,- Eur
180-240 min.200,- Eur
The face drainage90 min.35,- Eur
Package of the face lymphatic drainage (4 sessions)in any time span120,- Eur
60 min.30,- Eur
Bank massage, moxa, Gua Sha30 min.15,- Eur
(if you have some questions)
30 min.8,- Eur
60 min.16,- Eur
Refresh your inner power90 min.25,- Eur
120 min.35,- Eur
150 min.45,- Eur
Back Hot Stone massage60 min.25,- Eur
Body Hot Stone massage120 min.45,- Eur
Body Hot Stone massage90 min.35,- Eur
Therapy with beeswax ear candles15 min6,- Eur