About me

My name is Martina and it will be my pleasure to lead you through the rituals of massagges and therapies in my saloon. Saraca´s Essence Sun is a place, which I created with love and which I keep in harmony with nature and universal laws. You can find me in Topolcany, Stummerova 6. Communication possible in Slovak, English, German.
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Experiences that shaped my life:

Seminars of Holy grail – Divine feminity I. II. III. by Karaimi (2013-2016)

Sacred sexuality I. (2014)

Seminars of Monika Michael – Wise women in us (Godula, Pálava 2015)

Seminars New codes of partnership and Visions by Michael Rice and Karaimi (2016)

School of Foot reflexology (2016)

Tantric massage training in Tantra school Savitryi (2016-2017)

Shamanic craniosacral therapy I. and II. by Marek Bohunicky (2016-2017)

School of classic and sports massage (2017)

Raindrop technique (2017)

School of antistress massage of head (2017)

Workshop Mystery of pelvic girdle by Lena Achmeer (2017)

DNA – evolutional transformation workshop (march 2018)

Bank massage, Gua sha, moxibustion (may-june 2018)

Because I am naturally curious, my education proceed...